Google Yourself. How Do You Stand Out From the Competition?

Let’s do a little experiment. Say you are trying to maintain a solid online brand or reputation, particularly if you’re a job seeker. You do the minimum, like creating a Twitter account and completing a LinkedIn profile. Although you don’t use these platforms to their fullest, the bottom line is clear: You want to stand out from the competition. And you want to make sure that you do because of what 89% of recruiters are doing right now: searching for a potential candidate, like yourself, online. 

It’s really quite simple. Type your name in a search engine and see what pops up. Can you find yourself? Are you on page one or page five? Is someone with the same name outshining your good reputation with his or her less than stellar one? And what’s stopping a potential employer from thinking that that person is you? 

Now, type the name of someone who may be your competition. This may be a colleague, classmate, or a complete stranger who you know is vying for the same position you are. Compare their search results with yours. Does their brand outshine yours? If you answered yes, you may have lost out on a possible opportunity, all because of your search results.

It’s bad to assume anything without the facts. However, in our Google society, the search engine is king. So, for job seekers who want to make sure their online brands aren’t being mistaken for another, proactive measures need to be taken.  

Manage your online profiles. Management of your online profiles is incredibly important, especially if you’re working in an industry where you’ll be using them regularly. So, be sure to not only have a profile on several online platforms, but actually use these accounts. For instance, update your Twitter status often, maintain your LinkedIn profile beyond the job search, and maintain iron-clad privacy settings on Facebook. That way, should an employer research you online, your brand will be visible, present, and hopefully positive. 

Create content. Apart from your online networks, creating content constantly feeds information into a search engine. So, when there’s content to be found, you’re more likely to be noticeable in search results. For example, if you blog three times a week, content is being pumped into a search engine on a regular basis. Therefore, if an employer searches for your name, the content that you’re associated with will probably show up, which is particularly impressive if it pertains to your industry. 

Use Vizibility. Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google, is a fantastic resource to use to stand out in a search. Why? Well, Vizibility allows you to customise your top five Google search results, hosting them in a free and permanent SearchMe buttons, links, and QR codes. These results, which can be updated whenever you want, can be placed anywhere from your business card to your online profiles. 

So, when an employer finds your Twitter account and clicks on your SearchMe link, there’s a large chance that they will actually be able to find you because you provided the resources for them, increasing your overall brand awareness.

How do you stand out from the competition?