Google Works on Android Jelly Bean Update

Google is working on an update to the Android platform called Jelly Bean, an upgrade that may debut some of the features originally slated for Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Jelly Bean update may contain the “game-changing stuff” initially planned to be part of the Ice Cream Sandwich update. However, another source says despite not being as big a change as analysts initially anticipated, Ice Cream Sandwich will still have “fairly major architectural, functional, and design changes.”

Google touted its Ice Cream Sandwich update as the end of the Android platform’s fragmentation issues, but little is known about the new features it will include. Company chairman Eric Schmidt said the update is coming in October or November, but with news about Jelly Bean already beginning to surface, Ice Cream Sandwich may be an update geared more toward developers than consumers.

If Ice Cream Sandwich can successfully end Android fragmentation, developers will be able to create apps that will work seamlessly across different devices. The update will ultimately benefit consumers as well, but it may not be the visual and feature-filled revamp users expect.

Google may leave half-finished features out of Ice Cream Sandwich, but other features originally planned for the update will likely be completed shortly after its release, which may enable Google to release Jelly Bean sooner than anticipated.

The leaked news about Jelly Bean could be Google’s way of tempering expectations for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update, but the company has made it clear it wants to end Android’s issues with fragmentation before going forward with other major updates.

This post originally appeared at Mobiledia.

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