Google is working on a new wearable device that doesn't have a screen

Google is reportedly developing a new wearable device that will be the successor to Google Glass, The Information reports.

Jessica Lessin at The Information reports that Google’s Project Aura team, which focuses on wearables, is working on a new device — and one of the models doesn’t use a screen at all.

One device being worked on is similar to Google Glass, the head-mounted wearable that Google released in 2014 before it stopped selling it.

However, what’s interesting about this report is that Google is reportedly working on a new “sport” version of Google Glass that’s less intrusive and doesn’t have a screen on the front of your face. Instead, this device would use audio only to tell you what’s going on.

The original Google Glass used bone conduction speakers to transfer sound to the ear without letting people around you hear what’s going on. They work by transferring audio directly to the bones of the ear.

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