Google Cuts Deal With AP: Blow To Other News Sites

Google just made life more difficult for many online publishers: The search giant has struck a deal with the AP and three other newswires to host their stories on its Google News page instead of sending readers to the stories on other sites.

A host of publishers who run AP stories currently enjoy a nice traffic boost from Google News, which displays AP headlines but publishes links to outside sites. Now, says AP writer Michael Liedtke, that will change: Google will instead host full stories from the AP, Agence France-Presse, The Press Association in the United Kingdom, and The Canadian Press. Liedtke suggests that the change has already been made, but we don’t see it yet: Type in “Google News” into Google News and the second story you’ll find is Liedtke’s story under a link to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Google already pays the AP and the other wires an undisclosed amount for the right to publish the links, and says it doesn’t have plans to sell ads next to the wire stories it runs.  That could change obviously.  And in the meantime, the change will certainly reduce traffic at a range of web sites that licence and publish AP content.