Google Wave Not Vaporware!

google wave

Google Wave, the company’s futuristic email-meets-IM-meets-Facebook-meets-everything-else service, is actually happening!

Google (GOOG) sends an update from the Google Wave “API Hackathon” in Mountain View, where more than 150 people are tooling around on Wave projects. So far, the company is showing off a few sample apps, including one that will let publishers embed “waves” in a WordPress post. Neat.

The best news, though: It looks like Google is getting ready to let lots of people play with Wave, sooner than later. It’s going to invite about 100,000 people to use it — not just developers — on Sept. 30, “focusing on improving the speed, stability and usability of Google Wave.”

Google Wave is a very ambitious product that will have to extinguish many habits and bridge many gaps to take off. (And unless we’re missing something, this is not going to become a huge money maker for Google.) But email/IM/basic file sharing badly need to be rethought, so we’re glad someone is putting some effort into it.

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