Google Wants To Take Over Your Web Site And Make It Load Faster

google employees

Google wants to take over your Web site to make it load faster.

The company is launching a new Page Speed Service for businesses that will analyse their Web pages, optimise them for faster loading, and deliver them from Google’s servers to users.

Google will charge for the service, but more important, anything that improves the overall performance of Web pages will keep users online longer, which in turn means they’re more likely to conduct more searches and click more Google ads.

Page Speed Service won’t work with every kind of Web site — in particular, secure HTTP sites (like for e-commerce transactions) aren’t supported. But it sounds pretty useful for smaller businesses who don’t have the IT resources to optimise their Web sites for fast loading.

Earlier this spring, Google announced Instant Pages, which also speeds page-loading times — in that case, it guesses which search result a user is most likely to click on and preloads the page. It works on Chrome only, but Google made the source code available and hopes other browser makers will incorporate it.

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