Google-Wannabe Blekko Raises $11.5 Million

Search startup Blekko raised $11.5 million in a third round of funding, TechCrunch reports.

Investors were U.S. Venture Partners and CMEA Capital.

The company has raised a total of $17.5 million so far.

Blekko executives have not disclosed any details about the search engine. The website has only a photo of a paper puppet.

CEO Richard Skrenta described the company’s philosophy in a recent interview:

PaidContent: What you see when you do a search—two, three, four words—is you see three or five websites above the fold and it’s the same answer for everyone so we thought gosh out of the entirety of human knowledge that’s posted online there must be something different you can see, some different way you can interact with the search tool.”

No word from the company on a launch date, though it was reported to be launched later this year.

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