Google Wallet Is A Bust, So Google Will Try To Throw Money At Carriers To Get Them To Use It

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Can Google do anything to make people want to use Google Wallet, its mobile payment tech?The next thing it might try is to offer mobile phone carriers a cut of the revenues generated by its Google Wallet technology, reports Bloomberg.

Google Wallet lets users pay for things with their cell phones by tapping the phone on a special reader device at a store.

Google is considering a revenue sharing model with carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T to try to make Wallet more popular.  It already has the support of Sprint.

But the carriers have their own rival called ISIS. Verizon has even reportedly blocked Google Wallet on the phones it sells.

This comes on top of recent news that Google has been pressuring Android app developers to start using Google Wallet, too.

Google’s ultimate goal is to own a big chunk of the up-and-coming mobile advertising market. These are things like coupons and location-based deals to shoppers on their phones.

In the meantime, Google Wallet has even bigger problems. Last month, it suffered a red face over how insecure it was. Hackers found a way to crack in and steal financial information. And then they found a way to access the pre-paid plans. Google had to disable its Google Prepaid Card while they closed the hole.

Today, Google sent an e-mail out saying Prepaid Cards would once again be available to those who bought them and Google was putting an extra $5 in the account, the Verge reports.

On top of all that, two of the lead engineers involved with Google Wallet left to launch their own rival, Tappmo

Meanwhile, most mobile phones and stores don’t have the tech in place yet to take advantage of Wallet.

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