Google Wallet Is A Flop And A Waste Of $300 Million

Remember Google Wallet?

It was a product that was going to allow you to pay for things in physical stores with your Android phone.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Mark Milian and Ari Levy say Google has invested over $300 million in the project, but fewer than 10 million people have ever used it.

In other words, it’s a total flop.

Levy and Milian report that internally, Google admits Wallet is a failure, and is considering shutting the program down.

What went wrong?

One person who has a pretty good idea is Braintree CEO Bill Ready.

Braintree is a payments startup, but it’s not trying to solve the same problems Google Wallet was.

It is however, hiring lots of people who used to work on Google Wallet.

And those people have shared a lot of their thoughts on Google’s failure with Ready.

Ready came by our offices the other day and we asked him to share those insights.

Here’s what he said:

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