Hate To Be Rude Google, But Using A Credit Card Isn’t Hard

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Google just revealed Google Wallet, its wireless payment system.Google Wallet’s primary function is to replace credit cards by allowing users to wave their phone at a cash register to pay for things.

It sounds neat, and futuristic, but here’s the thing: It’s not hard to pay with a credit card. It pretty much couldn’t be easier. Yank out your card, swipe it, sign and your on your way.

With Google Wallet, we’ll pull out our phone and wave it at the register and be on our way. Simpler? Slightly. But, not by much.

That’s not to say we don’t think Google Wallet is cool. It has a lot of potential, actually.

Google Wallet will gather Google Offers, other digital coupons from Google, maybe even shopping lists, and other miscellaneous junk in one spot. If Google can actually execute on this one, it would be interesting to have a single application saving all the deals we see in one place.

But, we’re highly sceptical Google can actually serve enough offers, and digital coupons to make it worth the hassle of signing up for another service.

Are we missing something here? Let us know in the comments why we’re wrong.