A Google protester dressed up as a stormtrooper to make a brutal point about the firm’s sexual misconduct record

Google walkout in Zürich. @GoogleWalkout/Twitter

Google staff around the world protesting against the company’s record of sexual misconduct, and one protester has added a “Star Wars” twist.

It follows a New York Times report detailing the sexual misconduct of several high-level executives, including the creator of Android Andy Rubin, who resigned from Google in 2014 and was given an exit package of $US90 million. Ruben denies the allegations.

Dissatisfied with the company’s response to the story, employees in Google offices around the world are leaving their desks at 11 a.m. today.

One protester in Zürich, Switzerland, got creative by coming dressed as a stormtrooper, bearing a placard with the words: “I work on a death star but even I know not to sexually assault people.”

Google stormtrooper sexual assault

For a company whose motto was famously “don’t be evil,” being picketed by a stormtrooper is not ideal.

In a statement to Business Insider, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “We let Googlers know that we are aware of the activities planned for Thursday and that employees will have the support they need if they wish to participate.

“Employees have raised constructive ideas for how we can improve our policies and our processes going forward. We are taking in all their feedback so we can turn these ideas into action.”