Google just stole a YouTube blogger's web address and gave it to a soap company

YouTube blogger Matthew LushYouTube/Matthew LushYouTube blogger Matthew Lush

Fans of video blogger Matthew Lush will now be redirected to beauty brand Lush when they try to visit his YouTube channel, after a Google algorithm accidentally gave the domain away.

The video blogger, or vlogger, has been using the YouTube address since 2005, the BBC reports.

But a Google algorithm that assigns YouTube addresses based on data from YouTube itself, Google + and its search engine accidentally reassigned the address, giving it to UK High Street beauty chain Lush.

Lush, the blogger, is not particularly happy to have the address taken from him. He makes a living from the ads displayed next to his videos, and risks losing out if his viewership takes a hit from the move.

His fans have taken up the call, and have set up a petition asking Lush to return the web address to its former owner.

Google told the BBC that it’s not in a position to give the address back to Matthew Lush, and would instead pay for some of the marketing materials for his new site.

That means its down to Lush, the beauty chain, to give the domain back. But the company told Business Insider it’s not issuing a statement because it did not initiate the move. It says the domain dispute is an issue to be handled between YouTube and the video blogger.

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