Russia just threw the book at Google, and Russian rival Yandex's stock is soaring

Larry pageYouTube/Google Investor RelationsGoogle CEO Larry Page, speaking at the company’s annual meeting of stockholders on June 3, 2015.

Google has been found guilty of violating Russian antitrust regulations.

In February, Russian’s Federal Antimonopoly Service started investigating Google for its method of including its own apps with the Android operating system.

The FAS now tells The Wall Street Journal that it found Google guilty of “abusing its dominant market position” but not of “unfair competition practices.”

Google told Business Insider, “We haven’t yet received the ruling. When we do we will study it and determine our next steps.”

The FAS first started its probe after a complaint from Yandex, a major Russian internet company. Yandex’s stock surged following news of the decision — it’s currently up around 9%.

Google told The WSJ that it hasn’t yet received the ruling, but it could face both a fine and new mandates to alter its partnerships with phone manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Google is still fighting antitrust charges made by the European Union.

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