Google, Viacom: We Won't Settle YouTube Fight Out Of Court

We’ve always assumed that one day we’d wake up and read that Viacom and Google (GOOG) have settled their YouTube lawsuit. But both companies insist that’s not happening.

A day after Sumner Redstone railed against YouTube in aspeech he delivered in Seoul, Google delivers its own retort in the South Korean capital (what’s going on in Seoul? A digital forum of some sort):

“Nope,” David Eun, vice president in charge of content partnerships at Google, told Dow Jones Newswires at a press meeting when asked if Google had any plan to resolve the issue outside court.

“We’re going all the way to the Supreme Court,” Eun said. “We’re very clear about it.”

Call us dreamers, but we still think both sides could kiss and make up before this gets to the Supremes. After all, the two sides were negotiating for months before going hostile. And Sumner Redstone’s other media company — CBS — seems quite happy with YouTube. So while both sides can argue that there are important principles at play here, we’re pretty sure they can get resolved with an appropriately sized check.

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