Google: DoubleClick Will Let Us Crush The Competition

New York’s Googleplex was a giddy place Tuesday: EU approval of the DoubleClick acquisition coincided with a dog-and-pony show for journalists.

That made it a good place to flex muscles Google has been warming up in recent days. As ad sales boss Tim Armstrong said the other day, Sales VP Penry Price confirmed that Google (GOOG) intends to dominate the display ad market.

Until now, he said, Google had only “dabbled in display” advertising, which is where Yahoo (YHOO) is most dominant and Microsoft’s (MSFT) MSN has been OK. But DoubleClick gives Google the ability to serve display ads more effectively on its own sites and those of others. Price said Google would invest heavily in DoubleClick’s ad-serving plaform:

“We want to build on top of that platform and create next-generation tools to work with marketers and agencies to have an end-to-end solution from planning to reconciliation,” he told Adage.

How big is the opportunity? That depends in part on how much of its own properties Google opens up for display advertising. We’ve estimated that Google could generate as much as $3 to $4 billion in display advertising if it starts serving banners and buttons on

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