These beautiful underwater Google Street View photos will take you on an exotic tour beneath the tropical seas

Google Street View is an incredibly helpful tool for finding directions to places you’re not familiar with.

But it’s also a super fun way to¬†see photos of exotic destinations, like the top of the Mount Everest, inside the Eiffel Tower, or the middle of the Amazon jungle.

We went through a whole section dedicated to underwater photos from all across the world and picked out our favourites. Check out some of the most beautiful photos we’ve found there.

This is a humpback whale found in the Cook Islands near Australia. Every May and October, it migrates to this area looking for warmer waters to mate and rest.

The Antilla shipwreck is one of the largest in the Caribbean region, located 60 feet underwater near Aruba.

This is a Mola mola, or Ocean Sunfish, which is the heaviest bony fish in the world, according to Google. It weighs up to 2,000 kg and 3 meters in length. It usually spends most of its time 600 meters underwater, but shows up around Nusa Penida close to Indonesia for a few months every year.

This is a large group of reef fish found near the island of Mayreau in the Caribbean.

A massive number of bait fishes swim near a remote island in the northern Chagos archipelago.

A beautiful patch reef called Cheeca Rocks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

A sunken boat in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

A bronze bust sculpture is left at the bottom of the Jacques Cousteau Park in Guadeloupe.

A giant turtle found around Fernando de Noronha, one of the world's most famous diving sites close to the Brazilian coast.

This is a Grey Nurse Shark, which is considered the 'world's most menacing but harmless shark,' found off the shore of Maroubra, Australia.

This coral reef fish is one of the many types of fish found in the Cod Hole, one of the best known dive sites located on the northern end of Australia.

A minke whale caught on camera on the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system on the northeast end of Australia.

Biologists and astronauts do research in this Aquarius Reefbase run by the Florida International University in the Florida Keys.

Sea lions in the Galapagos, the area 1,000km from the South America continent that's often referred to as a 'living museum and showcase of evolution' for its variety of marine species.

Whale Sharks, the world's largest living species of fish, found in the waters of Isla Contoy, right around Mexico.

A car sculpture displayed underwater by Jason deCaires Taylor in Isla Mujeres and Cancun. This area is now called the Cancun Underwater Museum.

A beautiful scene captured in the water of Santa Rosa Wall, Monaco, one of the most popular recreational dive sites in the world.

Parts of The Mary Celeste, a paddle steamer that sunk in 1864 while shipping ammunitions and supplies to the Confederate forces during the American Civil War.

A giant bubble coral found under Apo Island, a volcanic island in the Philippines.

Under Bare Island at Botany Bay, where Captain James Cook made his first landing in Australia in 1770. It was originally called 'Stingray Bay' because it's so full of creatures.

A stunning view of the sunset at the Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef.

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