Google TV Will Hit Europe Next Year

google tv eric schmidt

[credit provider=”Associated Press”]

Google TV is coming to Europe in 2012, chairman Eric Schmidt revealed at a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on Friday night.The confirmation from Schmidt comes despite the fact that Google TV has been a complete failure in the U.S. so far: Google TV reseller Logitech actually had more units RETURNED than it sold during the first quarter of 2011.

But earlier this year, a source told us that Google was definitely continuing ahead with Google TV despite its market failure, focusing on better hardware and a totally new user experience, and got a glimpse of an developer unit in June (screenshots here).

Google’s buy of Motorola could also help — Motorola currently sells set top boxes to a lot of cable TV providers, so Google has a built-in channel if it can convince the cable companies it doesn’t want to commoditize their business.