REPORT: Google Is Pitching Media Companies On Its Own Internet Based Cable-Killing TV Service

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Google is pitching its own online TV service, the Wall Street Journal reports

The full story is not yet online. Its sister publication Marketwatch just has a brief summary. When the full story is up, we’ll link to it.

Tech companies are all increasingly interested in trying to do some sort of TV service.

Apple has been talking to media companies for at least a year now about a TV service. 

Intel also has an Internet-based TV service in the works

This wouldn’t be Google’s first time looking at the TV business. 

It currently offers Google fibre, an alternative to traditional cable, in select markets in the U.S. It also has Google TV, which is a software layer that goes over cable TV. Of course, there’s YouTube, too. Which is supposed to be the next generation of video watching.

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