Google TV Advertising Not Dead, After All


We’ve always heard that Google’s TV advertising business is waste, and we’ve never seen evidence to the contrary.

Till maybe now.

THR’s Daisy Whitney says Google is finally moving away from it’s every-ad-buy-must-be-automated-approach and has sold “upwards of seven figures” through traditional upfront deals with agencies.

“Our customers told us if the planner can put us into the upfront plan, then the buyers are free to utilise the platform in the way they works best for them,” Mike Steib, director of Google TV Ads, told THR.

Seven figures — even high seven figures — is a tiny, tiny amount of money for Google (GOOG), of course. But still, what we like about this turn of events is that Google is approaching a new business modestly, trying to sell to customers the way they’re used to being sold to instead of marching in and scaring the bejesus out of everbody with a media-buying dashboard or something.

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