Google Tries To Bigfoot Trade Association: Refuses To Put Privacy Policy On Front Page

One byproduct of Google buying DoubleClick is a close association with the Network Advertising Initiative, the trade organisation that DoubleClick helped found and which publishes guidelines regarding ad targeting and the collection and use of data. So, Google can just join the org, right?

Not so fast – the NAI requires members to have a link to their privacy policy on their homepage. But the NYT reports that Google doesn’t want to do that:

Larry Page, the company’s co-founder, didn’t want a privacy link “on that beautiful clean home page,” said one executive at a Google competitor who is involved in reviewing Google’s N.A.I. application. (The executive didn’t want his name used because the applications are meant to be considered privately.)

The NAI won’t comment except to say that Google has applied for membership.

So is Google just going to push its way in? Or will the org stand up to the search giant and deny them membership? And how would that play with privacy advocates already in a lather over the prospect of DoubleClick merging databases with Google?

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