Google Translate For Animals And 9 Other Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks

google animal translate

Photo: YouTube

For some companies, April 1st means pretty serious business. What better day for Google to unveil Google Translate for Animals or the BBC to announce a newly discovered flock of flying penguins?Unruly Media has collected the most shared April Fools’ ads of all time.

Embrace the silly.

1. Gmail Motion—312,091 Shares

2. BBC Flying Penguins—115,314 Shares

3. Legend of Zelda movie trailer—72,072 Shares

4. Google Translate for Animals—69,434 Shares

5. Top 5 viral pictures of 1911—46,006 Shares

6. IKEA HUDSTOL Dog Highchair—33,446 Shares

7. The secret behind Nike Air—22,152 Shares

8. Being a Google Autocompleter—16,784 Shares

9. StarCraft returns to consoles—15,580 Shares

10. StarCraft Motion Overdrive—4,910

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