Google To Map NYC Subway (Finally)


Not sure what took them so long, but Google is finally getting around to adding New York’s subway system to its mapping application. Bloomberg says the MTA and New Jersey Transit are teaming up with Google to “give users one place to go for maps, schedules and trip planners.” Google, in turn, will be better able to sell hyper-local ads once it knows what subway stop you’re going to — especially relevant in New York where many businesses cater to a tiny geographical radius.

If done right, this is excellent news, as the MTA’s Web site stinks worse than most subway stations. There have been adequate stand-ins: HopStop offers good directions but uses an inferior mapping system to Google’s, and it doesn’t account for weekend service weirdness.  onNYTurf, meanwhile, a Google/Subway map mashup, doesn’t help with directions. Photo credit: David Pirmann