Google To Boot Sites With Pirated Content From AdSense


Google announced today that it will be more aggressive about booting AdSense partners who use their sites to post pirated content.

In a post on its public policy blog, Google said that it’s taking a stricter stance against piracy on its own sites and the sites of its partners. In addition to monitoring AdSense sites more closely for material like pirated audio files, the company also said it would do the following:

  • Improve its response time to 24 hours or less when content owners complain about pirated material showing up on Google sites like Blogger or within Web search results.
  • Ensure that Autocomplete doesn’t fill in words that are closely related to searches for pirated content. (Like what? Pirate Bay?)

  • Experiment to make “authorised content” more readily available in search results. This could be something along the lines of the iLike song previews that show up when users search for a particular song title.

The timing of the announcement is a little curious–it’s not like there’s a sudden burst of newly pirated content showing up on Google or AdSense sites. But Google’s facing a new antitrust investigation from the EU, and it needs allies where it can find them. Making nice with big content owners, who have recently accused the company of not doing enough to combat piracy, is a start.