Google Tells Us How Google + Got Its Name

Google Plus Icon

There are definitely stranger product names than Google +, but we were curious how the social network got its name.

In particular, we wanted clarification on the “+” symbol.

We asked a few Googlers, but there weren’t any brilliant, fun stories to share.

They did tell us this:

“You can view the ‘+’ as a new way to share online. If you sign up for Google +, it’s almost an upgrade to your Google experience.”

So Google+ means Google plus all of the Google services you can use through one account (search, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, etc). It’s not an add symbol, even though people can “add” you to their networks.

“Over time, you can imagine many more Google properties being integrated into Google +,” says a company spokesperson.

It’s not rocket science, but at least now we’re clear. 

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