Google Talks About Being Excluded From Facebook Exchange [THE BRIEF]

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Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:Google talks about being barred from FBX even though AOL, Adobe, and all the other cool kids are in it. “[Google’s] DoubleClick Bid Manager is used by hundreds of agencies and businesses to buy inventory across dozens of private and publisher exchanges and platforms,” a Google spokesperson told Adweek. “Google clients would like to access FBX through that platform as well, but that is not available today.” Publicis, which uses Google for most of its ad buys, also recently talked about how the exclusion is unfair.

Goodby’s days at GM’s advertising unit, Commonwealth, might be limited. Sources told Ad Age that GM might consolidate everything to McCann. We noted in March 2012 and again in July that Goodby’s position on the business looked unsure.

Ad Age looks at what marketers are doing to prepare for NYC’s soda ban.

Wrigley now has a caffeinated gum called “Alert.”

Degree deodorant now has a unisex ad campaign. It was made by Omnicom’s Davie Brown Entertainment.

Cheil launched a social service called mublr which aggregates and archives Facebook posts, Instagrams, and tweets via hashtag. Right now the app is on Android.

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