Google Moves In On comScore, Nielsen - Again

Days after unveiling a comScore/Compete/Nielsen competitor, Google is unveiling a… comScore/Compete//Nielsen competitor.

Confused? So are we. Here’s what we know: Google plans to formally unveil its new product — AdPlanner — which will provide Web analytics to media buyers looking to place display ads on the Web. The service, leaked on the Web site of the Advertising Research Foundation on Monday, was to be introduced at the organisation’s conference on audience measurement on Tuesday

An exec briefed on the announcement told the New York Times’ Bits blog that the tool will help agencies identify where their target audience is most active on the Web. AdPlanner will harvest data directly from participating Web sites, and combine it with search and third-party data. Bits notes there will be some overlap with Google’s Trends for Websites, a service announced last week, which sounds like it does much of the same work.

The difference? If we’re parsing this correctly, AdPlanner is a “pro” version of the same service. Anyone else want to take a crack at explaining this? Let us know in comments below.

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