Google Survey Shows Tablets Are For Game Playing

By M.H. Williams

Unsurprisingly, video games are still the number one pastime of tablet owners, according to a recent survey by Google’s Admob. App Stores are already dominated by games, and tablets now provide the horsepower and screen resolution to run some graphically impressive titles now.

The survey queried 1,400 U.S. tablet owners in March of 2011, with 84 per cent of respondents saying that they played games on their device. 78 per cent used the tablets for web searching, 74 per cent for email, 61 per cent for news, 56 per cent for social networking, 51 per cent for audio/video consumption, 46 per cent for ebook reading, and 42 per cent for online shopping.

On replacing current forms of entertainment and productivity, 28 per cent of those surveyed said the tablet was now their primary computer and 77 per cent said they used their laptops and desktop less after getting a tablet. 59 per cent said they spent more time on a tablet than reading a book.  52 per cent used their tablet more than listening to radio, 42 per cent replaced a laptop, 41 per cent said the same for smartphones, and 34 per cent spent more time on a tablet than watching television.

Tablets were also big consumers of owners’ time with 38 per cent spending more than two hours a day on their device and another 30 per cent using their tablets for one to two hours. 82 per cent said that their tablet use was constrained to the home, while only 11 per cent used them on the go, and a mere 7 per cent used them at work. 69 per cent of respondents used their tablets more on weekdays, with only 31 per cent using them on weekends.