24 More Incredible Images You Won't Believe Were Found On Google Street View

What do you do when you want to travel but can’t afford the costs? Spend a lot of time on Google Street View, of course!

That’s what the creator of ordinarily named “Street View Photographs” does — but the photos are anything but ordinary.

Paired with a sponsorship from a photo-editing tool called Polarr, the blogger processes beautiful images he finds from Google Street View, and turns them into gorgeous photographs.

“I wanted to travel and I love taking pictures so I decided to just to do virtual tours. I also love to retouch photos to make them more legit, and Polarr is currently sponsoring their tool for me,” he writes.

The photos are from all over the world.

From Japan...

to Ireland...

The images are stunning.

It's hard to believe they were captured on Google Street View.

They are processed using a photo-editing tool called Polarr.

Polarr acts as a web-based Instagram of sorts.

You can put a filter on photos.

Change the exposure,

Or make a photo black and white.

This is beautiful.

Here's one from Holland.

And Brazil.

This is great.

The blogger says that this has helped him discover places he's never been,

or can't afford to see.

What a bizarre capture. No humans around.

And this is great.


and buildings.

He looks for unusual images, and Google Street View is full of them.

Lone ranger...

Gorgeous shot.

And being snowed in.

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