VIDEO: Google Strapped A Street View Camera To A Camel's Back In The Middle Of A Desert, And The Video Is Gorgeous

Google has gone to some crazy places in the name of capturing environments for Street View  — including underwater at The Great Barrier Reef and ancient temples in Cambodia. 

In its latest display of adventurous trekking, Google strapped a Street View camera to a camel’s back as it walked through the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates. 

The desert’s endless, golden sands juxtaposed with the blue sky is truly beautiful, and lets you feel like you’re really exploring the Arabian desert. 

Google made a video of the process.

First, we meet the travellers:

And watch them make their way through the dramatic landscape:

Which seems to go on forever:

You can then check out the actual footage as it looks on Street View:

You feel like you’re really exploring the Liwa Desert:

And seeing a world you may never have otherwise:

Check out the full video below:

(Via Slate)

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