The creepiest places you can explore on Google Street View

Dracula's castle bran romanianPhotography By Bran CastleBran Castle, also known as the home of Dracula

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to try to find ways to make your hair stand on end.

As Google has tirelessly documented the world through Street View, it has collected a bunch of freaky spots with scary histories or modern horrors.

Here are some of the spookiest places you can explore:

Welcome to Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, known as 'Dracula's Castle' because it matches the description in the classic legend by Bram Stoker.

Stoker published his Gothic horror novel in 1897, but visitors to the castle can still pay homage to the bloodsucker.

You can also visit Isla de las Muñecas -- the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, Mexico -- where hundreds of decrepit toys hang from trees to commemorate a young girl's tragic death in the surrounding waters.

Local legend has it that the island's caretaker hung the mangled dolls after he failed to save a drowning girl. They're believed to move and blink, possessed by her spirit.

Closer to home, there's a historic ghost town in California's Bodie State park. People flooded Bodie during the gold rush of the late 1800s, but when the promise of riches faded, the place found itself spookily abandoned. It now remains in 'arrested decay.'

People call 13th Gate Haunted House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana one of the best and scariest haunts in the country.

The haunt takes visitors through 13 different themed areas, like The Insane Asylum (pictured) or The Slaughterhouse.

For the easily freaked out, exploring some of its realistic sets from the safety of their computer screen makes sense.

(You'll even get a peek behind the scenes.)

One night in the 1970s, horror writer Stephen King and his wife Tabitha spent one night in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The building's cavernous hallways and air of desertion caused King to have a nightmare that night so chilling that it inspired his novel, 'The Shining.'

The famous movie adaptation of book starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Stanley Kubrick wasn't shot at The Stanley...

...but the real hotel is still believed to house spirits and lost souls.

Then, inside Wojnowice Palace in Poland...

...guests will find the The Museum of Horror which promises a rush of adrenaline to all visitors.

If you've seen the James Bond movie 'Skyfall,' you may remember the look of Gunkanjima, Japan.

The entire island of Hashima became a decaying industrial wasteland since people abandoned it in the 1970s.

The thick fog that lingers around the Ria Apartments on Malaysia's Pahang Block adds to their mystery: People have reported seeing apparitions and hearing disembodied voices while staying there.

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