Google's Bizarre Retail Store Is Full Of Weird, Expensive Junk

google shorts

Did you know Google has a gift shop at its Mountain View headquarters?

We didn’t know about it until we saw this Louis grey post about visiting.

Google probably doesn’t call it a gift shop, but we think it’s apt title for a store stuffed with all sorts of Google merchandise.

So what kind of Google-y stuff can you buy?

About what you’d expect — bean bag chairs, full biking outfits, and sweatshirts for dogs. There’s also some unexpected wares — designer t-shirts and scarves.

Nifty Google Timbuk2 bag rings up at $157.75.

The plasma schell jacket retails at $131.50. This is also a top seller.

5 of the 10 most expensive items Google offers are bike shorts. We'll use this pair of $116.10 shorts to represent the rest.

A Google bean bag can be had for $109.40 -- It's one of the top sellers!

Android bike jersey, anyone? $76.15. Google offers a number of expensive bike shirts to match the bike shorts.

This isn't very expensive, but it keeps your brain Google-y -- the X-ball is a $36.60 treat.

You know your dog is going to be on YouTube, anyway -- why not outfit it with this YouTube sweater? Only $9.80.

Here's a video tour of Google's on campus store

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