Google suspends Xiaomi integration with its home products after a user reported seeing footage from random people's homes, including a sleeping baby

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  • Google has blocked Xiaomi integration with some of its hardware and services, after a user who connected a Xiaomi camera to his Google Home Hub said he could see into other people’s homes.
  • The owner of a Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP home security camera posted on Reddit that they could see stills from strangers’ homes when attempting to stream content from their camera to their connected Google Home Hub.
  • A spokeswoman for Xiaomi said the issue was now fixed, but that it could have impacted up to 1,044 users. She claimed the bug was down to an update on December 26, 2019, which was “designed to improve camera streaming quality.”
  • Google did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.
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Google has suspended integration between Xiaomi devices and some of its software and services, after an owner of a Xiaomi home security camera reported that they could see into other people’s homes.

A Reddit user, /r/Dio-V, reported that they saw the images after attempting to stream content from his Xiaomi Mijia smart security camera to their Google Home Hub, a speaker and smart home hub. The camera can be linked to a Google account for use with Google services and devices through Xiaomi’s Mi Home app.

To demonstrate the issue, the user posted a brief video showing camera footage streaming from their Xiaomi camera to their Google Home Hub. When the user attempts to stream the camera footage, the Home Hub’s screen glitches, with random images appearing intermittently on screen.

Lower down the Reddit thread in which the user first reported the issue, the user posted a series of eight more still images that they say appeared on their Google device. These include a man asleep on a chair, a staircase, and even a sleeping baby.

Other users responded to the stills with incredulity, calling them”so f***ed up” and “so creepy.”

When I load the Xiaomi camera in my Google home hub I get stillsfrom other people’s homes!! from r/googlehome

A spokeswoman for Xiaomi told Business Insider that the issue is now fixed but said around 1,000 more users could be affected. She said it was caused by a cache update on December 26, 2019, which was “designed to improve camera streaming quality.”

She added: “This [issue] has only happened in extremely rare conditions. In this case, it happened during the integration between [the] Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p and the Google Home Hub with a display screen under poor network conditions.

“We have also found 1,044 users were with such integrations and only a few with extremely poor network conditions might be affected. This issue will not happen if the camera is linked to the Xiaomi’s Mi Home app.

“Xiaomi has communicated and fixed this issue with Google, and has also suspended this service until the root cause has been completely solved, to ensure that such issues will not happen again.”

A Google spokesperson told Android Police that it was “disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices” in the wake of the Reddit user’s report. Business Insider has contacted Google for confirmation.

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