Check Out Google's Offices In Stockholm Which honour Great Swedish Inventors

Google Stockholm Office

Photo: Camenzind Evolution

Google has offices all over the world.And each office is unique to the place it’s located. Sure, there are staples for each office like free food, massages, and often times, a slide.

But the decor of each office is tailored to the locale.

We have photos of Google’s offices in Stockholm, Sweden, which were designed by Camenzind Evolution, the firm that’s designed a lot of Google offices in Europe.The photos are a few years old, but they’re were new to us.

Camenzind Evolution tried to make each part of the office reflect a different Swedish theme.

This is the reception area.

We're still in the reception area. There is a foosball table in the reception area.

This is sales and marketing. It has a Stockholm City theme, according to Camenzind Evolution.

Here's another look at the sales and marketing department.

Bean bags are a staple of Google offices.

This person gets a pretty nice view.

This is the engineering department.

The engineering department's theme is a Swedish countryside.

Here's another look at the Swedish countryside engineering department.

Take a look at the quaint home-looking building in the engineering department.

The meeting rooms are based on Swedish inventors. This one is Gustaf de Laval who did dairy machines.

A Google massage room, of course.

This meeting room is an homage to Carl Linnaeus, Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, according to Wikipedia.

Inside the Linne room. (He seems to be called Linne in Sweden.)

This is the Sven Gustaf Wingqvist meeting room. Wingqvist was a leading roller and ball bearing maker.

Here's the Lars Magnus Ericsson, in honour of the telephone entrepreneur.

A meeting room in honour of Anders Celsius, as in measuring the temperature in the Celsius scale.

This room is in honour of Tetra Pak, the innovative food packaging company from Sweden.

This room honours Alfred Nobel.

The Nils Bohlin room in honour of the man who came up with the three point seat belt while at Volvo. Note this person is buckling into her seat.

This one is in honour of Skansen, the open air museum and zoo in Sweden.

This is an informal meeting room which is in theme of the Swedish country side.

This is a travel passage through a Swedish house

A ladies bathroom.

A close up detail on the bathroom.

A more lightly themed ladies bathroom.

This room is in honour of Gustaf Erik Pasch who invented the safety match.

There's a micro kitchen/gaming room.

People hanging out in the kitchen/game room.

A little ping pong never hurt anybody.

When the ping pong stops, it can be an extra dining table. We just hope people are neat, otherwise, you'll get some funky bounces.

The Google Stockholm office cafeteria smörgasbord.

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