Google's new Stadia gaming service supports so many devices you might not need to buy anything

  • Google announced its new Stadiavideo game-streaming platform on Tuesday.
  • Because it’s internet-based, Stadia barely requires anything you might not already own to play games, including high-end AAA titles that usually work and look best on high-end consoles and computers.
  • But there are a couple things you might need depending on what type of screen you’re planning on using to play games on Stadia.
  • Google’s Stadia will launch sometime this year.

Google’s video game-streaming platform, Stadia, was announced on Tuesday.

When it launches in 2019, Stadia will let pretty much anyone with almost any TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone play games that are typically only playable on powerful consoles or computers, due to their high resolution and graphics settings.

Since games on Stadia will be streamed from the cloud onto one’s device, there won’t be any need for a physical games console or even high-end powerful hardware like a gaming PC. You could say that Google’s Stadia will be the Netflix of video games, which eliminated the need for DVD players and DVDs themselves.

You won’t need much at all to play games on Google’s Stadia platform, but there may be a couple add-ons you might want to look into depending on which screen you want to play on, whether it’s your TV, laptop, or smartphone.

Check out what you’ll need to play games on Google’s Stadia for any screen you probably already own:

The best controller to play games on Google’s Stadia platform on pretty much any device will be Google’s own Stadia controller.


Google’s new Stadia controller might be the only thing you’d want to buy to play games on Google’s Stadia game platform.

That’s because the Stadia controller connects directly to your WiFi network instead of connecting to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or even TV. By connecting directly to your WiFi network, Google’s Stadia controller communicated directly with Google’s Stadia servers to reduce input lag and latency. That means less time between when you press a button and see the resulting action happen on the screen.

If you want to use your existing controllers, you’ll need to connect them with a wired USB connection to whatever device you want to play on. That will work on computers and possibly on tablets and smartphones, but few TVs, if any, support wired controllers.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t announce a price tag for its new Stadia controller.

For TVs

  • Any TV, whether it’s yours at home, at a friend’s place, or the TV in a hotel room.
  • A $US70 Google Chromecast Ultra (required).
  • Google’s new Stadia controller (required).

For computers, including laptops and desktops

  • Almost any laptop or desktop.
  • Google’s Chrome web browser (required).
  • Google’s Stadia controller (optional), a keyboard and mouse (optional) , or your existing controller (optional, as long as it’s connected to your computer via USB).

On a tablet or smartphone

  • Almost any tablet or smartphone.
  • Google’s Stadia controller (optional, touch controls will be available).

Read more about Google’s new Stadia service below:

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