We tasted the 'perfect' cookie Google took 2 months and 59 batches to create -- and it was terrible

Sesame Street/ FacebookWe don’t think Cookie Monster would be impressed.

SYDNEY — Can AI cook? That was the question a small research team at Google set out to answer last year.

Using artificial intelligence and a technique called “Bayesian Optimisation”, the team spent two months trying to design the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

The team gave a computer a series of ingredients, without any other information, and told it to simply bake a cookie.

“And the first batch was terrible,” Anil Sabharwal, VP of Comms and Photos at Google, said during a press event in Sydney today.

“But after that it started to get a little better… and after 59 batches they actually perfected the cookie.”

Google Australia teamed up with Bourke St Bakery to then cook the ultimate smart cookie, and Business Insider had a taste.

The result? Not great.

Sarah Kimmorley/Business InsiderThe cookie in question.

Instead of a crumbley or gooey biscuit, the cookie tore off with the feeling of something in between a cake and plastic.

And instead of a sweet, vanilla flavour, it was overpowered by a harsh cardamom spice.

Its only saving grace — the chocolate chips.

At least we know bakers won’t be out of a job when the robots take over. Yet.

Here’s the recipe Google took two months to perfect to try for yourself.


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