There's a fun Easter egg hidden inside Google Sheets that turns your spreadsheet rainbow in honour of Pride Month

Paige Leskin/Business InsiderGoogle Sheets is looking pretty colourful for Pride Month.

Google is known for adding fun tricks and games to its services for tech-savvy users and developers to discover. In honour of Pride Month, the tech giant has added a Pride-ful one to make your bland spreadsheets a bit more exciting.

Adding a special function to the A1 cell in Google Sheets will change your spreadsheet from drab black-and-white page to a colourful rainbow sheet celebrating the LGBTQ community. The trick – also called an “Easter egg” – was shared by Ben Collins, a Google Sheets developer who runs a popular weekly newsletter sharing tips and tricks for using Google services.

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This Pride Month trick relies on the MID spreadsheet formula, a function that allows you to play around with text-based strings of data. But if you’re like me, and don’t understand how Sheets functions work, there’s an easier way to still get the LGBTQ-themed Easter egg.

There’s one simple step – just input this code to the A1 cell in your spreadsheet:


After inputting this string of text, watch your Google Sheets spreadsheet come to life.

Google’s Easter egg celebrating Pride Month is a neat trick, but Google hasn’t had the best month when it comes to its LGBTQ users and employees. Earlier in June, Google-owned YouTube controversially decided to not remove videos from its platform full of racist and homophobic slurs about a Vox journalist. Google CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki have both apologised for the decision, but said they’re standing by their policies to keep the videos online.

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