Google Sells DoubleClick’s SEM Business To Ad Conglom Publicis (GOOG)

Google has sold the search engine marketing arm of DoubleClick’s old Performics business to French advertising conglomerate Publicis for an undisclosed amount.

Publicis has been “cooperating” with Google for more than a year, but we’re not exactly sure what that means — mostly because the companies didn’t reveal any details in a cryptic press conference in January. They did say that “Google would exchange its technological know-how for Publicis’s analytical and media planning expertise,” according to Reuters. We’re assuming this deal won’t have an effect on their prior relationship.

After Google finished the acquisition of DoubleClick, the company said that it would sell off the SEM arm of the old company because it represents a conflict of interest for a search company to own a search engine marketing business. The company absorbed the other half of Performics – affiliate marketing – and created the Google Affiliate Network in June.

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