Google Seals Chelsea Real Estate Deal


Google signed a deal for 130,000 square feet at Chelsea Market last week, the Observer reports. That’s another 30,000 more square feet than we had originally thought, and will put the search giant’s NY footprint at nearly 600,000 s.f.

As we noted last month, Google’s insatiable real estate appetite signals an insatiable appetite for more workers — we figure the NY Googleplex will be able to house more than 3,000 employees. That’s more than six times a February estimate of 500. Last time we checked we noted that Google was in the market for coders who knew mobile platforms, Java Web apps, data algorithms for next-gen engines, AJAX user interfaces, and APIs for third-party partners.

Note: Some of that space, Valleywag writes this morning, is going to house one Marcy Simon, who Valleywag asserts is currently dating Chief Googler Eric Schmidt.

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