WEIRD: Google Just Launched Another Baffling Social App For The iPhone (That's Not Google+)

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Google has another new social networking app for the iPhone.

No, not Google+. This one is called Schemer, and it’s an app designed to help you figure out what to do.

It’s kind of a weird concept, but it connects to Google+. (That’s the Schemer profile of MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson, who’s now an enthusiastic Google+ user.)

Initially available on Google’s Android smartphone operating system, it opened up in April, according to GigaOm.

Our theory: Google is playing with social networks to see what works and what fails.

Google did exactly that with Slide, a social startup it purchased for $179 million. As part of Google, Slide introduced a few social apps like Disco and Photovine before Google shut the unit down.

This app doesn’t have any “Google” branding, so it’s possible that Google is trying to see if the “Google” name is a limiter.

Either way, the app is still kind of baffling.

Bang! Here we go.

You sign in with your Google account. It'll pull info from your Google+ profile.

Tell Schemer what city or neighbourhood you are in and it'll populate a list of things to do.

Right away, it pulls schemes from people in your Circles, or groups of friends. Tap the button in the top right...

... to make a new scheme. This adds a task to your to-do list.

Or you can tap one of the schemes on the landing page to put it on your to-do list. You'll see a list of others that want to do the scheme too.

Your friends in your circles will show up first. Then come the rest of the pack.

After you've added the task, you select to remove it or signal to Schemer that you've completed that task.

You can search for specific kinds of schemes, like cocktails. Just hit the plus button next to the scheme to add it to your to-do list.

If you tap on the scheme, it'll give you more detailed information about that scheme — including a map and some tips.

You can set a number of favourite categories to narrow down the list of automatically-appearing tasks on the landing page.

Once you hit the plus button, it'll show up as a check mark and it will show up on your to-do list.

You can add a bunch of schemes all at once.

All the schemes are listed by how close you are to them right now. You can tap the arrow in the lower left to refresh your location.

Your activity stream shows all the tasks you've completed or placed on your to-do list...

...and those from people in your circles.

You can jump to your profile to see everything that's on your to-do list.

It also shows you a few extra stats—like your favourite tasks and your closest friends.

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