Google: If You Want To Win In Mobile Advertising, Look At These Companies

Larry Page how to get ahead in advertising

Google just released a “mobile playbook” for advertisers. 

It was written by former AdMob marketing chief Jason Spero, who came to Google through its acquisition of AdMob. (It was noticed earlier by Anthony Ha of TechCrunch.)

In it, Google explains what advertisers and brands need to be effective in the mobile space.

It also has lots of examples of companies that do it right. We’ve collected them all here.

First, brands have to think about what their customers actually might want to do with a mobile app...

Chase lets you deposit checks by taking a snapshot.

Intuit lets you file taxes with your phone.

Walgreens lets you refill prescriptions. It's been a hit -- now 25% of all prescription refills at the company come from the mobile site.

Asda lets you order groceries for delivery.

Delta and other airlines let you use your phone as a boarding pass. (Personal note: once you get used to this, you'll resent airlines that still make you print a boarding pass.)

Starbucks lets you find stores, scan barcodes, and do other stuff.

Mobile apps should also help attract mobile consumers who are nearby. Here are some brands doing it right...

Specialty's and other stores let you order lunch from your phone.

Zipcar's mobile app guides users to their car on the lot.

Priceline mobile customers tend to book their rooms on the fly -- more than half booked a room within 20 miles of their current location.

Next, it's important for brands to tweak their Web sites for mobile phones.

TicketsNow used to just have its regular Web site show up on mobile phones (left). After creating a special mobile site, sales went up 50%.

Now, some examples of brands that are using mobile apps to drive revenue...

HP lets users print from an app, which drives revenue by getting people to buy more ink cartridges.

Wal-Mart lets users add items to their shopping list by speaking.

Domino's lets you order pizza and track how close it is.

Coke has an app that simulates drinking a Coke. Apparently, people actually download it.

Brands also have to think about mobile search differently....

Comcast lets you call for service directly from a search result.

Starwood Hotels also uses click to call to get customers to call the nearest hotel right from the search ad.

Last of all, brands have to think different about tablet apps...

Kraft built an app for parents and kids to use together during meal preparation. It features recipes, videos, and games.

Volvo used lots of rich media, like interactive games that show off new features, and a real-time banner to show your Volvo's current mileage.

Shazam and ESPN teamed up to do this app for the Winter X games. It lets you view additional content while watching the games on TV.

So we all know the world is going mobile. But which platform should you use?

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