Google Satellite Now Watching You From 423 Miles Up

The GeoEye satellite that Google will use to provide mapping imagery at 50-centimeter resolution successfully blasted into space today. So don’t leave your underwear lying all over your lawn.

Andy Plesser of Beet.TV put together a cool video animation (below). Stephen Shankland of CNET has the story:

GeoEye-1 will orbit 423 miles above Earth, but it will be able to gather imagery with details the size of 41 centimeters… Google, though, is permitted to use data only with a resolution of 50cm because of the terms of GeoEye’s licence with the U.S. government.

Each day, the satellite will be able to gather a high-resolution “pan-sharpened” format surface area equal to that of about New Mexico, the company said.

“The GeoEye-1 satellite has the highest ground resolution colour imagery available in the commercial marketplace and will produce high-quality imagery with a very accurate geolocation,” said Google spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz, adding that most commercial satellite imagery has a resolution of 60cm. “It is our goal to display high-resolution imagery for as much of the world as possible, and GeoEye-1 will help further that goal.”

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