Here's What You Can Earn Working At Google

Google woman employeeAdam Berry / GettyGoogle: the job you’ve been searching for.

Everybody wants to work for Google

Just ask the college kids.

Grads from the nation’s top business, computer science, humanities, engineering, and even natural science programs all want to work for Larry and Sergey’s company

It’s easy to see why.

Google plays a bigger part in our lives than maybe any other tech company, with over 10 billion Google searches made and a billion active Android users active every month

Of course, there’s also the money that Google’s 55,000 employees take in.

Using Glassdoor’s self-reported compensation numbers, we can see that Google is a place where employees are well compensated, especially for that highly sought-after engineering talent. If you’re in engineering at Google, you’re making Wall Street level money

According to Glassdoor, here’s the combined compensation — i.e., annual salary and bonus — for 15 positions at Google, in ascending order: 

1. Business Development Manager: $US159,502 

2. Technical Program Manager: $US159,738

3. Marketing Manager: $US160,726

4. Site Reliability Engineer: $US167,360

5. Technical Program Manager III: $US184,514

6. Software Engineer IV: $US192,357

7. Sales Operations Manager: $US195,795 

8. Product Manager: $US201,410
9. Finance Manager: $US204,537

10. Research Scientist: $US215,158

11. Senior Software Engineer: $US242,449
12. Senior Software Development Engineer: $US262,463

13. Senior Manager: $US279,245

14. Engineering Manager: $US285,131
15. Senior Product Manager: $US320,142
If you want one of those jobs, the data suggest you should go to school in the California

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