Google Reveals The Dates For Its Huge Do-Not-Miss Event This Year

giant labyrinth at Google I/O 2011

Photo: Matt Rosoff Business Insider

Google just put up a Web site for the 2012 Google I/O conference.This year, it’s going to last a full three days — June 27 to 29 — in San Francisco’s Moscone centre. Past events have taken place in May, and have lasted only one or two days.

The event is for developers, but Google also uses it as an opportunity to unveil major projects for the coming year, like Android (first demoed at I/O 2008), Wave (2009), and Google Music (2010 and last year). It’s also one of the rare times that a bunch of Google execs all speak in public, although Larry Page has been a no-show recently.

Plus, there are usually cool demos like the giant labyrinth in this picture. It was controlled by an Android device.

We’ll be looking for news on what Google plans to do with Motorola, how it’s going to make Android tablets take off, the future of Chrome OS and Chromebooks, and anything having to do with those crazy consumer electronics products and goggles. We’re also hoping for a ride in a self-driving car. 

Last year, tickets sold out in less than an hour, so get cracking!

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