Google Now Knows When You Turn On The Computer

google powermeter

Google (GOOG) revealed via its blog that it’s partnered with Itron (ITRI) and 8 utilities to deliver its PowerMeter software.

Working with Itron is important, because it is the leader in the smart meter space. Its meters corral all the energy information about a home.

Google’s PowerMeter software organizes all that information. So, you will know what appliances suck down the most energy, and when peak energy use occurs. This way, you can turn off the lights at the right time and save more money. As you can see to the right, it has Google’s usual interface.

It doesn’t look like Google is charging these utilities for using PowerMeter.

  • San Diego Gas & Electric® (California)
  • TXU Energy (Texas)
  • JEA (Florida)
  • Reliance Energy (India)
  • Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (Wisconsin)
  • White River Valley Electric Cooperative (Missouri)
  • Toronto Hydro–Electric System Limited (Canada)
  • Glasgow EPB (Kentucky)

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