Here's How Google Plans To Ice The Password

gold rings

Photo: Instagram/lexivillagrana

In a forthcoming issue of IEEE Security and Privacy, a technical journal, Google engineers will publish a paper detailing how they plan to get rid of passwords, reports Wired.Basically they plan to do this using jewelry.

Yep—one day, the ring on your finger might be able to log you in to Google services with a tap on your computer.

It seems that passwords are only getting harder to remember and easier to crack.

This industrywide problem became a deeply personal issue for a member of Wired’s staff: Writer Mat Honan’s digital life was compromised very publicly when hackers took over his Twitter account, deleted his Gmail account, and remotely wiped his iPhone and Mac.

A physical hardware solution keeps your data safer—as long as you don’t lose the object.

Google is currently testing this out using YubiKey login devices that look like extra-small USB drives.

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