Google Admits Initial Buzz Privacy Settings Were Ridiculous, Finally Pushes Reset Button

Google Buzz privacy settings

Google (GOOG) Buzz is finally getting a complete privacy reboot today.

When Google first released Buzz, its new social network, the shoddy privacy settings led to a PR disaster.

In the days and weeks after the initial launch, Google introduced a serious of tweaks and bug fixes addressing these privacy concerns for new users.

Today, Google is rolling out this confirmation screen to everyone, so that users who signed up before the changes were made will have a chance to make sure they are only sharing the information they want to.

We were extremely critical of Google over Buzz, so it’s worth emphasising: as far as we can tell, Buzz is now 100% kosher on the privacy front.

As a business, it still doesn’t seem to be making much of a dent in Twitter’s armour. But then, it’s only two months old.

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