Google Is Hiring A Team Of All-Star Hackers To Fix The Internet

Earlier this year, a massive internet vulnerability known as Heartbleed claimed to be the biggest bug the internet has seen in years.

Now, Google is taking another measure to make sure hidden internet vulnerabilities don’t get out of hand with an effort known as Project Zero, according to Wired.

Project Zero is dedicated to finding the most severe security flaws in software around the world and fixing them, no matter how difficult they are to find.

Google plans to publicly unveil its elite new team of security researchers on Tuesday, but Wired got an early look at the project.

The initiative gets its name from the term “zero-day,” which refers to an attack or threat that targets a software issue that was previously unknown. Heartbleed is a perfect example of a zero-day attack, since it was a problem that went unnoticed for a long time before Google fixed it.

Project Zero isn’t restricted to finding bugs in Google’s products, however. The team will be free to roam the entire web to find vulnerabilities in any product. Earlier this week, for example, the Project Zero team reportedly fixed bugs in recent updates for Apple’s Mac and iPhone software, according to eWeek.

The goal, according to Wired’s report, would be to keep the general internet safe by exposing bugs. The project would also spread awareness to other companies that may not be as vigilant when it comes to scouting for malware.

Read Wired’s story for more on Project Zero >>

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