QUIZ: Do You Know What The World Really Cares About?

Do you know what the world really cares about? What celebrities, products, and companies get typed into Google more than the rest? If you do, then you have a valuable intuition that will help you create or tap into viral ideas.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Now’s your chance to prove it.

In the first iteration of Business Insider’s Google Popularity Quiz, based on June 2014 search results, we will ask you to answer 13 questions and to keep score yourself. Get all 13 right and you may call yourself a zeitgeist master; get 11 to 12 right and you are a global connoisseur; get 8 to 10 right and you are a culture whiz; anything less and you are out of the loop.

Who is the most-searched-for Jennifer in the world?

Jennifer Lopez can't be beat.

Who is the most-searched-for Michael in the world?

Michael Jackson is still the king.

What is the most-searched-for animal in the world?

Dogs win!

Who is the most-searched-for business person in the U.S.?

Oprah wins by a mile.

What is the most-searched-for fashion brand in the U.S.?

Forever 21 forever.

Who is the most-searched-for Tom in the world?

Tom Cruise wins! (Not counting Tom and Jerry.)

What is the most-searched-for car company in the U.S.?

Honda for the win.

Who is the most-searched-for Kevin in the world?

Funnyman Kevin Hart is on top.

What college do Americans search for the most?

Harvard comes out on top.

Who is the most-searched-for Sarah in the world?

You betcha it's Sarah Palin.

What is the most-searched-for restaurant in the U.S.?

Pizza Hut takes the pie.

What is the most searched for restaurant globally?

McDonald's rules the world.

Who is the most-searched-for musician in the U.S.?

Iggy Azalea is on the rise.

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