These 6 Media Stars Already Have A Huge Google+ Follower Base

mark zuckerberg google+

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Google+ is here.And you know what that means:

Time for the biggest names in media and Hollywood to race to the pinnacle of popularity.

While the project is currently in a “limited Field Trial,” we took a look at the celebrities who have joined so far — and the number of followers they’ve attracted.

Here’s what we discovered.

No. 7: Soulja Boy, rapper - 620 followers

No. 6: Ashton Kutcher, Actor - 1,847 followers

No. 5: Ben Parr, Mashable - 2,427 followers

No. 4: Steven Levy, Wired Magazine - 3,070 followers

No. 3: Peter Cashmore, Mashable - 3,780 followers

No. 2: Jeff Jarvis, and the Guardian - 4,970 followers

No. 1: Kevin Rose, Digg - 6,418 followers

How long until these celebrities join Google+?

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