For All Of Android's Recent Growth, Google Play Is Still Lagging Behind Apple In App Revenue

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Google Play Revenue Still Pales In Comparison To Revenue From Apple App Store (Distimo)

App analytics company Distimo recently released their September 2013 Top Global Apps report.

In it, they compare the global revenue shares between Apple App Store and Android Google Play over the six months between April 2013 and September 2013.

Within those months, Android has dominated the market, claiming a massive increase in market share over Apple during the second quarter alone.

It seems revenue generated from Google Play moved somewhat significantly when benchmarked against revenue from Apple App Store. In April, Google Play accounted for 25% of revenue and grew its share to 35% in September.

Still, despite all of Android’s recent growth, Apple still claims a significant majority of app market revenues over Google Play. Read >

In other news…

Foursquare finally introduced ads to its full network of 1.5 million small businesses. (Foursquare)

A Google smartwatch is imminent, which is rumoured to include Google Now functionality and be tied to the latest Android platform, Kit Kat. Two months ago, Kevin Tofel at GigaOm commented on why Google Now can be so successful when tied to a smartwatch. (9 to 5 Google)

Facebook acquired Israeli startup Onavo, a mobile analytics company that helps compress data to lighten consumers’ data fees. It’s a big step in allowing Facebook to track individual user mobile activity, and is a small step in Facebook’s ambitious goal of connecting the entire planet to the Internet. (Quartz)

Similarly, Google will start to compensate users if they allow their mobile activity to be tracked. (Engadget)

BlackBerry wrote an open letter to its users, saying, “You can still count on us.” (CrackBerry)

Twitter will now let marketers schedule promoted tweets one year in advance. (Twitter)

The Financial Times has a new report claiming Twitter is developing an ad network for third-party apps and websites that will target consumers based on their Twitter activity. (Engadget)

Twitter creator and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is the subject of a New Yorker profile. (The New Yorker)

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners data confirms that the Apple iPhone 5S is outselling the 5C by two to one. (All Things Digital)

PayPal is expanding its retail point-of-sale presence by integrating with popular iOS payments solution provider, Revel Systems (TechCrunch)

Kara Swisher of All Things Digital comments on the potential behind Yahoo’s new Stream Ads product, which advertisers can now sign up for and will have a full roll-out in April. (All Things Digital)

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